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Renaissance - "Beyond The Starry Skies"     ORDER

Short Bio

Renaissance "Beyond The Starry Skies" is a marvelous collection of six original and three traditional gospel songs written, produced, arranged and performed by four of the premier voices in acappella gospel music. The quartet is comprised of soprano and first tenor Sharon Harris, first and second tenor George Pendergrass, baritone Adam Thompson, and first and second tenor Ronald Walker. All four are distinguished alumni of Southwestern Christian College in Terrell, Texas. Probably the most recognizable member of Renaissance is George Pendergrass who is known to people everywhere as the former lead singer of the internationally known group, Acappella. Considered by many acappella connoisseurs as a classic, "Beyond The Starry Skies" will touch the listener at the depth of their being and also elevate one's soul to lofty spiritual heights. Characterized by flawless leads, surrounded by delicate harmonies and mellifluous melodies along with the seamless baritone of Thompson, this is an album that is indeed timeless and a "must" for every serious acappella music collection.  
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